By Don Bell

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– A sigh of relief and a feeling of comfort.

Because of her, parents can rest easy.

In Washington Township, one woman has spent nearly three decades helping athletes thrive and remain safe while doing it.

“I never look at the clock and say oh my gosh there’s an hour or two hours left it’s never like that,” says Tanya Dargusch, athletic trainer at Washington Township High School

There are over 1,200 student athletes at Washington Township High School.

Since 1988, they’ve all been under the watchful eye of Athletic Trainer Tanya Dargusch.

“I never worry once at any time, no matter the severity of the injury or what’s going on, whether it be an illness or something god forbid something more severe on the field or on the court, when she’s around you never wonder,” said Athletic Director Kevin Murphy

She’s worked with Olympians, helped write New Jersey’s legislation against steroid use in schools and been an out spoken advocate for her profession, which in some cases is the first medical attention students get.

“I just felt it as a personal mission of mine that all schools should have an athletic trainer, so I kind of went out and worked on that nationally,” said Dargusch.

Because of her impressive and groundbreaking career, early this month, Tanya will become one of the few women to be inducted into the National Athletic Trainers Association Hall of Fame.

“To be amongst those people is very very humbling,” Dargusch said. “Words can’t really express the feeling other than I can tell you when I was contacted I cried for 2 hours straight.”

Don’t expect Tanya to take much of a break this summer to celebrate, she has to do what she always does — take care of her kids

“Oh no you never really take  any time off, and that’s ok because I love what I do,” she says.


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