By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Democratic lawmakers and pundits are throwing around the possibility President Donald Trump committed “obstruction of justice.”

Retired FBI special agent J.J. Klaver says it remains to be seen whether there was an obstruction of justice. However, he says the president’s reported requests in former FBI Director James Comey’s memo appear to be a conflict of interest, a break down of the line between politics and law enforcement.

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“The appearance it gives of attempting to influence a known ongoing investigation is just way out of line for someone at any level, much less the president of the United States,” says Klaver.

And the question why didn’t Comey act after his meeting with Trump, in Klaver’s opinion, he doesn’t think Comey wanted to influence the investigation into Michael Flynn and Russia.

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“The director is probably trying not to unduly influence the investigation as it’s unfolding,” he says.

Klaver says Comey taking notes is not a surprise. He says agents are taught to document any activity relating to an investigation.