By Chris Stigall

Today Chris talks the James Comey firing, and Andrew McCabe taking the helm of the FBI. A local Judge asks the Philadelphia DA to charge an Amtrak engineer with a crime after a deadly crash two years ago, and Chris Christie is banning children getting married in New Jersey. Chris talks with  comedian Joe Matarese, who will be at Helium Comedy Club. Face The Nation’s John Dickerson calls in to talk with Chris.


6:06 am- Trump talks James Comey firing with Lester Holt

6:20 am- Andrew McCabe takes over the job James Comey vacated

6:25 am-  Amtrak Engineer will not be charged in deadly Philadelphia crash

6:46 am- A Judge orders the Philadelphia DA to now charge Amtrak engineer in deadly crash

7:04 am- Should Amtrak engineer have charges brought against him?

7:25 am-  Chris Christie won’t ban all teens in New Jersey under 18 from getting married

7:45 am-  Dean of Students at Downingtown-Area School District announced his resignation

8:00 am- Chris talks with comedian Joe Matarese 

8:20 am-  Face The Nation’s John Dickerson joins Chris

8:36 am-  Steve Harvey does not seem to be a great boss


















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