SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (CBS) — New technology that is supposed to make accessing 911 easier is actually proving to be a burden, according to some dispatchers.

Authorities in Sedgwick County, Kansas, are blaming a button on the side of the Apple Watch for an increase in mistaken 911 calls.

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The watches join the county’s already growing problem with accidental dials on cellphones.

The two combined accounted for over 130,000 mistaken calls last year.

“Calling 911 in a true emergency, you don’t want to be blocked by an Apple Watch that’s calling in just because somebody hit the button,” said Sedgwick County Emergency Communications Director Elora Forshee.

You can turn off the “Hold To Auto Call” function in your Apple Watch app on your phone.

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If you do find yourself making an unintended call, operators say stay on the line.

If you hang up, they legally have to call you back to make sure you’re safe.