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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Sometimes, it is good not to be at the extremes. In other words, just be average.

Certainly when it comes to migraine headaches this appears to be the case.

According to a report in the journal Neurology, patients who are obese and those who are underweight share an increased risk of migraine.

The information is based on an analysis of 12 studies in almost 300,000 people.

In fact, obese men and women had a 27% increased risk of migraine compared with those of normal weight, while underweight individuals had a 13% increased risk.

There are very few theories to explain the association. One scientist suggested that obesity induces inflammation, and inflammation contributes to pain.

So what do we do with this information?

I think that when you get an association like this, it makes scientists ask other questions—the most obvious is whether someone with a migraine who is obese or quite thin should consider dietary changes with the thought of helping with symptoms.

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