PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Montgomery County real estate executive Jeff Bartos has jumped into the ring and hopes to emerge as the Republican challenger to Bob Casey in next year’s Pennsylvania Senate election.

Bartos told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Casey is out of touch and doesn’t deserve to be re-elected.

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“To run down to the Philadelphia Airport the day after the President issues his executive order in a white tie and tails to stand with the mobs protesting, over the last five years, where has he been standing with our energy industry? Where has he been standing with hard working Pennsylvanians trying to pay for health care and pay for their housing and get their kids educated? You look at that and go, where are your priorities? For us, we look around and say this is a guy who has clearly left Pennsylvania behind. He’s gone Washington and he needs to be replaced.”

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He also alleges that Casey is not the independent voice that voters need.

“After a decade in Washington and a lifetime in politics, Bob Casey forgot where he came from. He answers now to liberal friends in Washington, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer and he does not answer and you can barely find him for Pennsylvania. I looked at that and said we have a case to make here that we have a flat, ineffective Senator.”

Bartos believes he is the best option for the GOP to unite all of the constituencies within the party.

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“We feel like we’ve put together a team that is bringing in the Trump organization and the spirit that the President generated here in the commonwealth along with Ted Cruz’s voters and, of course, I don’t love the term ‘mainstream Republicans,’ but we’ll talk about the Republican electorate that is there with Pat Toomey. I know those folks as well. So, we can put together a great coalition.”