By Eleanor Mueller

WASHINGTON (CNN) — New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski made a surprise appearance at the White House press briefing Wednesday.

While White House press secretary Sean Spicer was answering a question from a reporter, the football player poked his head around a corner to lend a hand.

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“Sean, need some help?” Gronkowski asked, prompting laughter from the journalists.

“I think I got this,” Spicer replied.

“You sure?” Gronkowski pressed.

“Maybe,” Spicer joked.

The surprise visit came shortly after the Patriots’ arrival at the White House, where the team was scheduled to meet President Donald Trump in celebration of their 2017 Super Bowl win.

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After Gronkowski left the room, Spicer — who is a Patriots fan — laughed for a moment before regaining his composure.

“Alright, that was cool,” Spicer said. “How do you follow that?”

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