By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — This is the last day to register to vote in the Pennsylvania primary.

Philadelphia’s election office will be open till midnight, but officials expect few will take advantage of it.

City Commissioner Lisa Deeley doesn’t consider any election an “off-year.”

“Every election is just as important as the last and we know that the last election made Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live, and this election not so much, but it’s a very important election.”

How important? Voters in Philadelphia will be choosing candidates for district attorney, city controller, nine Common Pleas judges and two municipal court judges; statewide, candidates for Commonwealth, Superior and Supreme Court.

And yet Deeley doesn’t expect much of a rush. Judicial races the year after the presidential election are notorious for low turn-out.

Deeley would like this to be the year that reverses the trend.

“Please everybody, take the time. Own your vote.”

Deeley is preparing to run the elections as usual despite a request to the state Supreme Court that the commissioners recuse themselves because a state election law says County commissioners must do so, if there are questions on the ballot.

Deeley says city commissioners fill a far different role. She expects the request to be denied.