WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS)—Police in Wildwood are investigating multiple suspicious incidents involving a man and school students.

Wildwood Crest Police Department says on Thursday, two girls were walking home from school when they were confronted by a man in his car who stated, “Why didn’t you say hi?”

After the encounter, the girls went home to report the incident to their parents.

The man is described as a white male, in his 50’s, wearing a gray baseball cap with gray and black hair. The vehicle is described as a tan or gold colored SUV (in good condition).

Police say on Friday, a boy was playing basketball in front of his home when a man pulled up in a vehicle and asked, “Is your father home?”

The boy went inside to grab his father, but by the time they came outside the man was gone.

This suspect is described as a white male, around 60-years-old with gray hair. The vehicle is described as a light gold colored SUV. The boy said the vehicle was possibly a Chevy Equinox.

Police believe these incidents could be related.

If you have any information you are asked to call police at 609-522-2456.