By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Franklin Institute hosted a preview on Friday afternoon for this year’s Philadelphia Science Festival, which kicks off in one week.

The 7th Annual Philadelphia Science Festival will span nine days and features more than 80 events spread out throughout the region.

Gerri Trooskin of the Franklin Institute says the goal is to engage the community with science related programs, and fun.

“One of the goals of the festival since the very beginning has been to meet people where they are. So we are in different neighborhoods throughout the city. We’re in parks, we’re in rec centers, we’re in bars and restaurants, and of course all of the different museums around the city,” said Trooskin.

Many of the events are aimed at kids, though there are things designed for adults too like “Science After Hours.”

Trooskin says this year will also feature a new program called “Be a Scientist.”

“One of them is called “Be a CHOP Audiologist.” So you can go over to CHOP and really see what the science of hearing is all about, and be an audiologist for a day,” he explained.

Most of the events are free, but some do require pre-registration. More information can be found at HERE.