By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you carry stress into getaways that are supposed to be relievers, KYW’s Jay Lloyd suggests going back in time – before devices and apps.

I’m as involved as the next guy. On what should be carefree getaways, I’m still plugged in – news, commentary, “Sky-is-Falling-Down” opinion. So, I’ve resolved to unplug and return to a stress reliever that is centuries old. I’m restarting a “journal.”

It’s just a blank book to record daily activities – details on restaurants, unique sites, attractions, events and friends – even add a few sketches.

I started my first in the service as a flight log, which become much more. Then when sailing, or just parked on a beach I added sketches, not Norman Rockwell, but fun. I used mess-free colored pencils. There were descriptions of places, even random thoughts.

Inexpensive blank page books or ones for specific activities are available at craft stores.

The unintended result was, it shut off the outside world and the elements of angst.


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