By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Whether walking, running or playing… your first step is lacing.

“You’ve got the classic bunny ears,” said Roy Mathen of Graduate Hospital.

“Right over left, that’s how I was taught,” explained C.J. Angry.

Most of us mastered the art of tying our shoe laces by kindergarten, or so we thought. Now, a new study suggests we’re doing it all wrong.

In a series of experiments, the bunny ears technique resulted in “catastrophic knot failure.”

Researchers blame “cyclic impact loading” as well as the “inertial effects of the swinging laces.”

Basically, the impact of our shoes against the ground loosens the central knot, while our leg’s swinging motion leads to the laces slipping out.

So, how can we avoid the inevitable unraveling?

According to the study, a square knot, created by crossing the left lace over the right, then the right loop over the left is your best bet.