By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For many of the people who have been trapped between home and work barely getting a chance to take in the sun, they are hoping Tuesday was the start of warmer things to come.

“This weather just puts you in a great mood just to be out, the last few months have been pretty crappy,” said one women.

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“It’s so refreshing. It’s really really refreshing, said another women. “I had to leave my jacket at work, because this morning was a little chilly and now its 80 degrees out, It’s really nice to have this weather. “

For center city dwellers and workers, Rittenhouse Square offered the perfect setting for what some are calling the perfect day.

“I like that there’s a lot of people around, it is a nice reprieve from the city but it is still in the city so you’re not just isolated away,” said one man enjoying the park.

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 Another women added, “This is something I love about Rittenhouse, there are always people, especially once the weather’s nice.”

 Tuesday, Rittenhouse square was a hub activity, with people walking, lounging, playing and doing an array of other activities.

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