PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former Ambassador to the United Nations under George W Bush, John Bolton, celebrated Donald Trump’s decision to strike Syria with a missile launch days after the regime of Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against civilians.

Bolton told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that it was important for Trump to respond appropriately to Assad’s aggression.

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“I think the Trump decision to strike as they did was the correct decision. I think the limited, very precise nature of what the President did and the basis on which he did it was important. Basically, Syria’s use of chemical weapons violates a treaty they are a party to. We are a party to, the chemical weapons convention. I think there is an American national interest in preventing people from violating treaties that try to restrict the use or the spread of weapons of mass destruction.”

He believes the move with cause Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin to reassess their strategy in the conflict currently raging in Syria.

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Several Killed In U.S. Military Strike Against Syrian Regime

“I think, honestly, Assad figured it was worth trying to see if he could get away with it as he did under the Obama administration. The President drew a red line and then ignored it and allowed him to continue. He suffered no adverse consequences. I think there are a lot of surprised people in Damascus and Moscow today after this response. It’s going to cause a recalibration. I think the ball is in Assad’s court. It’s in Putin’s court. I don’t know what they’ll do. But look, it’s a wake up call for them and I think that’s all for the good.”

Bolton also thinks the Trump administration will move on to defeating ISIS after dealing with Syria.

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“We are now getting close to the point where we can imagine a Middle East with ISIS defeated. I think a very important thing we need to do is think about what the post-ISIS Middle East looks like and the steps we should take to ensure that Iran and its allies, Like Assad in Syria, don’t come away from this conflict in an even stronger position than they are already.”