By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Comcast connects millions of people to cable and Internet. Now, the Philly media giant wants to be your cell phone company, too.

Comcast is calling it Xfinity Mobile.

Comcast division boss Greg Butz said, “We’ll bring together America’s largest, most advanced 4G LTE network with our 16 million hotspots.”

Butz says Comcast-sold phones from Apple, Samsung, and LG will automatically connect to that wifi out of the box — no configuration needed.

“They’re paying up to $20/line in line and access fees with somebody. Not with us,” he said. “Therefore, you have only to pay for your data.”

That’s priced at $12 per gig or between $45 and $65 for unlimited plus taxes and fees, depending on your TV package, and you can switch between them with no penalty. Calling and texting is included with all plans. Customer support is by phone, chat, and 24/7 text messaging.

The service piggybacks on Verizon’s network. Comcast is looking to this offering to help it keep current customers and better compete for mobile streaming viewers.

At least to start, you won’t be able to bring your own device. Also, for now, the Xfinity streaming app won’t be zero-rated, meaning watching it when not connected to wifi will count against your data allotment.

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