ANGELO’S PIZZERIA, 122 North Haddon Avenue, Haddonfield.

What a nice find this was. A small New Jersey shop that cranks out a savory thick-crust square-pan pizza, a creative sandwich list and, oh yes, a respectable meatball.

We opted for the  $9.50 “Sunday Morning,” which comes on a fresh, oversized Sarcone’s roll. Four fried meatballs are squished down into the roll and then covered with warm, spicy broccoli rabe (you can opt for spinach instead) and then a thick pile of sharp provolone. You’re not getting grated cheese here, you’re getting an inch-high stack of sliced deliciousness.


(Photo credit: Glen Macnow/WIP)

So, there’s a lot to dive through before you even find those meatballs. And how were they? Tasty, spicy, a tad on the greasy side because they’re fried. A serviceable, if not outstanding meatball.

It’s a worthy sandwich, even if the highlights are less in the meatball than the construction of everything around it (cheese, rabe and roll). I’ll say this much: We would order it again.

Score: 78/100

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