HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) — A group of Pennsylvania lawmakers has proposed legislation to put more teeth into the state’s Protection From Abuse laws.

But they apparently don’t agree on at least one of the proposals in the package of bills – and guns are the reason.

Four Republican state Senators Tuesday took part in a news conference to tout bills they are sponsoring.

But two of the four have not signed on as co-sponsors to one bill that would require that the subject of a final Protection From Abuse order surrender guns to law enforcement or a licensed firearms dealer, not a third party such as relatives or friends.

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One of the senators yet to sign on that bill is Camera Bartolotta of Washington County.

“While I appreciate the intent of that bill, I need to look at it more closely, because I actually have some issues pertaining to PFAs that are filed fraudulently,” said Bartolotta.

Other bills in the package would provide that law enforcement accompany a plaintiff when a PFA is being served, allow for extension of orders, and allow judges to use risk assessment when determining bail for a defendant.