From Phillies spring training, Chris covered the London terror attack, revelations about the surveillance of Donald Trump and DA Seth Williams pleading not guilty to corruption charges. He spoke with foreign policy analyst Ed Turzanski, comedian Finesse Mitchell at, as well as Phillies pitcher Jerad Eickoff, First Base Coach Mickey Morandini and Hitting Coach Matt Stairs.

6:00 Four people were killed during a terror attack at Parliament in London yesterday.

6:05 House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes announced Donald Trump’s conversations were picked up during surveillance of foreign targets.

6:20 Chris talks with foreign policy analyst Ed Turzanski about the London terror attack and the surveillance of Donald Trump.

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6:50 Chris talks with Phillies’ pitcher Jerad Eickoff from spring training.

7:00 Seth Williams made his first court appearance after the announcement of corruption charges.

7:00 Chris speaks with Philllies’ First Base Coach Mickey Morandini from spring training.

7:20 Chris talks to comedian Finesse Mitchell.

7:38 The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on their healthcare bill today.

8:00 Chris speaks with Philllies’ Hitting Coach Matt Stairs from spring training.

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