By Dom Giordano

9:00-OMB Director Mick Mulvaney holds a press conference on President Trump’s “America First” budget.

9:10-Pelosi, Trump budget a “systematic deconstruction of the Federal Government and its role.” 

9:35-PA Rep. Perry Warren joined discussing his proposal of “End Child Marriage” bill.

10:00-Nina Ozlu Tunceli, Executive Director of the Americans for the Arts, joined discussing the cuts to the NEA in the Trump budget proposal.

10:35-Philly GOP head, Joe DeFelice, joined discussing the election in the 197th district.

10:45-Neal Zoren with What’s on TV.

11:00-Pro and anti-Trump rallies planned on March 25 around Independence Hall. 

11:05-Representative Pat Meehan voicing his displeasure with Trump’s budget plan. 

11:35-Game of the week.

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