AVALON, N.J. (CBS)–Two water-front homes go up in flames on Friday morning in Avalon.

It happened near the corner of Sea Gull and Pelican Drives.

“Upon my arrival I had a body of fire between my two buildings that you see involved behind me here and the occupants were all out of the one dwelling, the other dwelling was vacant,” said Chief Ed Dean, with the Avalon Fire Department.

Officials say at least three people were at home when the flames broke out but all of them got out safely.

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Avalon firefighters started spraying water and foam but quickly needed back up. Almost a dozen departments from Cape May County worked together so crews could get enough water on the fire.

“The biggest reason being that we had to lay a supply line all the way from Ocean Drive which is almost a mile drop of hose,” said Dean.

Officials say the wind was relatively calm and think the close proximity of the houses is likely what caused the fire to spread from the occupied house to 47 Pelican Drive next door, which officials say is an unoccupied vacation home.

“All of a sudden there was just smoke and everything coming out of the house,” said Nancy Munshower, who lives across the street.

She knows the Winans family who live at fire-ravaged home and feels heartbroken for their loss.

“They’re just going to have to be tear downs, they’re terrible,” said Munshower. “And they have all their memories lost, I mean I’ll cry cause I’m too sensitive, so I’m saying prayers for them.”

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.