CINNAMINSON, N.J. (CBS) — There are always better ways to do things or do things better, and the Public Schools of Cinnaminson are trying to solve our problems — one invention at a time. That’s right, Cinnaminson Township is celebrating its 32nd Annual Invention Convention.

The Memorial School in Cinnaminson was filled with 70 impressive invention displays made by kid inventors. From kindergarten to eighth grade, these students weren’t just expected to invent, they were expected to innovate and make problem-solving a priority.

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First grader Jaminson Peacock worked on saving you from a sweat.

“I thought you wouldn’t want to waste all your energy going up and down the ladder for your tools so I invented this,” said the first grader.

Second graders Edward and Sleigh made leaving notes in your lunch box easier with an LCD writing pad.

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“It is something that you can use to write on that uses magnetic fields to erase, and has 3,000 wipes,” said Edward Abu-Adas.

And the ideas that these kids have are not only well thought out but developed in detail.

“They go through a tremendous process, researching on the internet, going to stores. They come up with all of these amazing ideas, pet ideas, things for the house, safety ideas, and it’s always unique,” said Invention Convention Coordinator Elaine Mendelow.

“The problem that I want to solve is having too many T-shirts and being sad when you grow out of your T-shirts and your memories are just gone,” said third grader Kellyn Coller. “My invention is for T-shirts to come with fringe along the bottom or on the side and then instead of buying a whole new T-shirt for every vacation you go on or accomplishment you make, you can buy a ribbon and then you can tie a ribbon on the fringe so that you don’t have too many T-shirts that your closet will never overflow.”

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The Invention Convention is unique because participation is voluntary. These students are self-motivated just wanting to help mankind on their own.

Vittoria Woodill