By Joe Holden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–While residents continue the daunting task of digging out in Philadelphia, it was back to class today for public school students.

They were scheduled to return on-time — and without a two-hour delay — and that decision left some parents concerned.

“I was surprised that when I got my text at like 7 p.m. last night, school tomorrow, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god look at the ice,’ but I’m gonna try to make it,” said Pamela Eversley, who lives in Lawncrest. “I was expecting no school today.”

Complaints made to CBS 3 from parents via email indicated roads conditions were treacherous and suggested buses would have a difficult time.

The Philadelphia School District addressed the concerns in a statement:

“Our number one focus is getting children into schools ready to learn.  We thank the thousands of dedicated school district employees who pulled together to ensure our schools were open on-time today.”

Archdiocesan schools were on a two-hour delay Wednesday morning.

A spokesman there said safety is the primary factor taken into consideration.