3pm- 248 illegal immigrants were apprehended by ICE in several states, including Pennsylvania. 

3:35pm- New audio has emerged of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan proclaiming that he would never support Donald Trump. It was recorded prior to the election during a conference call. 

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3:50pm- On today’s episode of The View, Joy Behar weighed in on the blizzard.

3:55pm- Kurt Bardella, a former Breitbart employee, claims that Steve Bannon and Breitbart are setting up Paul Ryan to be the fall guy for when his healthcare bill fails.

4pm- Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to amend the American Health Care Act if it passes in the House.

4:05pm- Sen. Tom Cotton says Republicans in the House are lying when they say there is a 3 step plan to make healthcare work. He believes that no 3 step plan exists. 

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4:10pm- Judge Napolitano claims that according to several intel sources, the Obama administration used a British agency to spy on Donald Trump prior to his election.

4:20pm- A 2 foot long, venomous cobra has gone missing in a Florida neighborhood. 

5pm- Bruce Springsteen sells his mansion in Rumson, NJ.

5:25pm- Sen. Bernie Sanders claims that a lot of people will die as a result of the American Health Care Act. 

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5:30pm- Keith Olbermann says that the GOP proposed healthcare bill will kill Americans.