3pm- Last night, President Trump delivered his first address to congress.

3:05pm- During last night’s address to congress, President Trump recognized the widow of fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens.

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3:10pm- Stocks break record highs following Donald Trump’s speech to Congress. 

3:25pm- President Trump made it clear that he is standing by his pledge to spend $1 trillion on rebuilding the country’s infrastructure. 

3:30pm- Maria Bartiromo, anchor for the Fox Business Network, calls in to discuss the tax reform and infrastructure spending ideas brought up by Trump during last nights address to congress.

3:50pm- Trump stated that he is committed to seeing that judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court is quickly approved by the Senate.

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4:05pm- Donald Trump looks to focus on speeding up FDA approvals in hopes of creating new cures for rare diseases.

4:30pm- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she was proud of the way democrats reacted during and after Donald Trump’s speech. 

5pm- Chuck Todd referred to the presidents speech as “Steve Bannon’s agenda but with Reince Preibus’ tone.”

5:15pm- Don Lemon said that President Trump sounded like he didn’t understand the words in his own speech.

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5:40pm- Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney dismisses Pepsi layoffs as a consequence of the creation of the city soda tax. Points to new jobs created because of revenue collected from the tax.