I’m writing this column while watching the Oscars.  It’s sad that watching the Oscars or not watching has grown into a political battle. It also reminded of a caller I received this week that was very angry at me for calling out Republicans for not holding town halls on repealing Obamacare. He seemed to think that I should support Republicans at all costs.

I was particularly incensed at Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas for the cowardly act of saying he wouldn’t be doing town halls because former Congresswoman Gabbie Giffords was shot in the head at a public event. This excuse enraged me and it still does. Gohmert is one of the biggest defenders of the Second Amendment and should not hide behind a tragedy to not fulfill his job.

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I said it 2009 when Democrats were evading the Tea Party and their objections to Obamacare that you shouldn’t be in Congress if you couldn’t take the heat. Most listeners agreed with me and I hope will be consistent on that stance. Of course, there should be security present and if people will not stop yelling they should be removed.

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This notion that I should not call out Republicans on this is the same thought process that questions why I have people like CNN’s Jake Tapper on my show. Tapper is a local guy, major media figure, and someone that even SNL satirizes in many skits. He is certainly a worthy voice.

Tapper also underlines the fact that Talk Radio 1210 is not a “safe zone”. I will have on guests that I may debate with on the Trump Administration and other issues. I hope you’ll like and enjoy talk radio that is a bit unpredictable but informative, fair and entertaining.  Maybe you’ll even like to talk movies now and then.

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