By Molly Daly

CENTER CITY (CBS) — Demonstrators gathered at Eakins Oval in Philadelphia Sunday afternoon for a march to support for the Paris Climate Agreement, an international effort to limit the devastating effects of climate change.

At a sunny 70 degrees, it felt more like a day in May.

“This is not normal – this is February in Philadelphia,” says Fran Pollock. “We should be bundled up. It’s lovely, but it’s not normal. It’s scary.”

She says the Trump administration’s denial of the reality of climate change prompted her to take part in the march.

Pollock’s an old hand political activism. But for Charles Shiner of Lehigh County, a self-described moderate, it’s a new experience.

“I’ve never done anything like this in my life, but I can’t take the lying — the untruth, the “alternative facts” — it’s just crazy. It’s just.. upsetting. I’m here just because I really feel the need to be here.”

Shiner says he hopes his fellow sportsmen will rise to the challenge, as their predecessors did in spearheading the conservation movement.

“If sportsmen can’t hunt or fish because of dirty air, and dirty land, and dirty water, watch out, Washington.”