3pm- Mika Brzezinski, co-host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, referred to the Trump presidency as fake.

3:10pm- Sheppard Smith called yesterday’s Trump press conference “absolutely crazy.”

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3:25pm- Glenn Greenwald warns that empowering the deep state to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency could lead to the destruction of democracy. 

3:50pm- While promoting his new movie, Matt Damon was critical of President Trump’s politics, saying he is “not a believer in walls.”

4pm-  How closely should you be following “Sell By Date” labels on foods?

4:20pm- Ronica Cleary, journalist for The Hill, calls into discuss her latest article “Trump Press Conference Reveals Long Game. Media Still Scrambling.”

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4:50pm- Sen. Rand Paul is hoping to get the opportunity to discuss Civil Asset Forfeiture with President Trump. 

5pm- The Associated Press ran a story about the National Guard being called up to deal with immigration. The story was not verified by the White House and turned out not to be true. 

5:10pm- Sen. Chris Murphy blames Congress for making it easier for the mentally ill to purchase guns.

5:30pm- The ladies of “The View” weigh in on the intelligence community. 

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5:40pm- A group of Michigan teachers were caught playing the “MFK” game.