By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local street photographer’s work is now on display at the African American Museum in Philadelphia.

His photography skills on Instagram helped get him noticed.

Street photographer Shawn Theodore, better known as @_xst (pronounced “exist”) on Instagram, has nearly 61,000 followers.

“Instagram has definitely been a huge factor in the trajectory of my career. Without it, a lot of the projects I’ve worked on wouldn’t have happened,” he said.

Projects like his first museum exhibit “Church of Broken Pieces” now available at the AAMP

“I would describe it as an exploration of Blackness. These are Black people who have an understanding of their own cultural agency, they’re own sense of identity of where they come from within the Diaspora,” Theodore said, “It’s blackness from my point of view, but it’s a statement of blackness from each one of the subjects in the show. They’re bringing their own flavor of Blackness to it as well.”

Church of Broken Pieces is an actual church in West Oak Lane where Theodore grew up.

“Even though I say “Church of Broken Pieces,” we’re not actually broken pieces. These are whole, full, complete understandings taken away from the main idea of blackness.

The exhibit runs through April 2nd.