By Alexandria Hoff

BRISTOL BOROUGH (CBS) — If Bristol Borough was running for office, Bill Pezza would be the campaign manager.

“I’d like to talk to you about the good things that are going to happen out of the project because they are, but I don’t have time now,” he said on Thursday night.

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It was essentially election night.

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It was the final push for votes. Bristol Borough has come out in front of 14,000 small towns across America and was neck and neck with Red Wing, Minnesota for a half a million dollar main street makeover.

Pezza explained that $500,000 was up for grabs for one main street in America to revitalize their street in a way that mirrors what the whole nation should be doing.

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Businesses on Mill Street in Bristol Borough are all on board with the push to bring back their struggling downtown to the epicenter it once was.

“On a Friday night, on a payday, the streets were packed, bustling. You could buy everything from ties to suits to tires to bicycles,” Pezza said.

Robert Strasser is the general manager of the borough’s historic King George Inn and Tavern. “The Mill Street business district thrived in the 1950’s and then it died,” Strasser said. “What they would do is provide their expertise in small business management from websites to social media, driving customers into the door.”

In a town of 9,500 people, three quarter of a million votes had been cast. In the final hours, more votes were needed.

The computer lab at Bucks County College served as one of four voting stations.

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