By Tim Jimenez

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie goes to the White House today for a meeting with President Donald Trump.

Christie says the president invited him and his wife Mary Pat to the White House. What will be discussed?

Christie offers his expectations on his “Ask the Governor” radio show on New Jersey 101.5.

“It would not surprise me at all to spend an hour with him socializing and talking about our families and life in general,” Christie said. “If he wants to talk about certain business or get my input on anything, he’s never been shy to ask. And if he asks, I’ll offer.”

Christie calls mistakes made so far by the administration, “unforced errors” that could have been avoided, and said it’s frustrating, “to watch my friend ill-served.”

So would he fill a role in the White House if asked? Christie says, “never say never,” but at this point he says that ship has sailed.

“My expectation is that I’m going to serve out the conclusion of my term here,” the governor said.