By Melony Roy

by Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Valentine’s Day is approaching, but a Philly artist has been displaying her heart-felt masterpieces all over the city for the past year.

It’s almost impossible to walk around Philadelphia and not run into “Goth Hearts,” black-and-white hearts on walls and buildings around the city.

Philly artist Amberella. (credit: Melony Roy)

Philly artist Amberella. (credit: Melony Roy)

Philly-based Street artist Amber Lynn’s “Goth Hearts” might remind you of the candy hearts you’d get for Valentine’s Day.

“My street art is very bold and raw. It’s recognizable, it’s pretty graphic, so people can read it quickly and it’s usually short phrases,” said Lynn.

Phrases like “Stay”, “Keep Going” and “conquer.” The series is a combination of feelings pulled from diaries, memories, and feelings.

“It’s my way of working through things in my life; relationships specifically,” Lynn explained.

Even though putting up street art is illegal, she says she’s respectful of where she hangs her art.

“I feel like I have a good sense of what is appropriate or not. It is illegal, I’m not saying that it is okay, but I think it is okay. I think it makes the city have more character. I think that, since people are enjoying it, I’m going with it,” Lynn said.

In the future, Amber plans to take her “Goth Hearts” series to other cities and translate the phrases into different languages.

For more information on Amber Lynn, follow her Instagram account amberellaxo, or visit her website at