By Jay Lloyd

By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Once upon a time, rainy weather could wreck a winter mountain getaway. KYW’s Jay Lloyd reports that times have changed.

I remember Fridays at the KYW editors desk when the phones would come off the hook as callers wanted weekend weather assurances.

It was obvious. They had reservations at the mountains. If the weather was sketchy, they would cancel. The resorts got wise and charged for last-minute cancellations.

Now weather watchers are glued to the CBS web page, but are also looking for alternative activities as inducements to avoid penalties and still enjoy a getaway.

So where can you find foul weather winter alternates off the slopes?

Camelback Mountain offers a major indoor water park.

At Bear Creek Mountain, you can ease back in a total spa environment.

Ski the Poconos, but hedge your weather bet, staying at the Mohegan Sun or Mount Airy Casino for spa, entertainment, eateries, and a wee bit of gaming. That never gets rained out.


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