By Steve Tawa

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — KYW’s sister station, WPHT, held an Inauguration Watch Party in South Philly, where folks usually gather before or after Eagles games.

Between the crab fries, burgers and beer, patrons at Chickie’s and Pete’s were cheering for their favorite team… team Trump. Mark Feretti of Olney said the freshly minted President Trump has the “strength, truthfulness and character to lead.”

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Photo credit: KYW's Steve Tawa

Photo credit: KYW’s Steve Tawa

And what about the intense media coverage of his personality, Mark said he doesn’t want him to change.

“Well, basically, they’re going to zero in on that, because he’s not the regular establishment,” Feretti said. “He’s not a politician, he’s a businessman, and never before have we had this. He represents what they don’t like.”

Ron from Deptford said fresh wind is blowing in because Trump is “turning Washington upside down.”

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“That’s why he’s feared by both sides. He is the outside guy,” Ron said.

Photo credit: KYW's Steve Tawa

Photo credit: KYW’s Steve Tawa

Rather than Phillies and Eagles gear, patrons watching the inauguration had Trump t-shirts and sweatshirts on and “Buy American” hats.

Among the people watching, 68 screens on walls and columns at Chickie’s and Pete’s, Jay from the Northeast said “despite what his detractors say, Trump has integrity,” but he should tone down his tirade tweets.

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“I think it’s to his advantage because he can sort of sidestep any misinterpretation of what he says by putting it out there directly.”