PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Nicole Russell, a writer for The Federalist, criticized women’s groups organizing the Women’s March on Washington this weekend for harassing pro-life organizations and excluding them from participating.

Russell, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said the fight over abortion has assumed too large role in the broader discussion of women’s rights.

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“That’s what’s so sad about this march that feminism, originally, was about equality and inclusivity and here you have, now, this chance for all women to, at least, speak up about someone who’s come across a little bit crass toward women…The march is now, at this point, not even really about women, but it’s about being pro-choice, which, in my opinion, is the most anti-woman thing that you can claim because of all people who should be supporting babies and the rights unborn people, it should be women, but, unfortunately, feminism has gotten so wrapped up in its own twisted ideology that their rights trump all rights, including babies and including even men that they’re willing to have a march excluding groups of women just to continue to be pro-choice.”

She claimed the initial goals of feminism have been lost in the cultural battle over abortion.

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“First wave feminism was so valuable and it actually had such a great fight for justice and for equality that women didn’t have regarding their voting and now we have spiraled downward from that to this case today where women, somehow, have linked their own rights to abortion to the point where when they march on Washington…that’s the only thing they seem to care about.”

Russell contends that activists would get more done if they were more inclusive of all perspectives and points of view.

“They’ll probably accomplish more when they understand the nuances of people, that people are complex. Not everything is black and white. Someone like Nikki Haley, who says I don’t love everything he has said and done, but now I have a chance to accomplish some things I believe, along with other qualified people. We might actually see some real change.”

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