PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Congressman Dwight Evans ran off a list serious concerns with Donald Trump in explaining why he will not be attending the inauguration ceremonies in Washington on Friday.

Evans, during an interview with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said Trump’s promises to repeal Obamacare are unconscionable.

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“The issue around the Affordable Care Act…my constituents pay for my healthcare. I have a deep problem when my constituents will not have access to healthcare. That’s a serious problem. So the reality is, the first thing is, I’m just totally opposite to repealing affordable healthcare.”

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He also does not feel Trump’s response to reports of Russian interference in the election rise to the appropriate level.

“I do not believe that that’s been taken as serious as it should be by Democrats and Republicans or even President-elect Trump…We should not take that lightly…That’s been documented. That’s public information. They have hacked into our government.”

Lastly, Evans stated he was offended by Trump’s comments about fellow Congressman John Lewis.

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“The attack upon an icon like John Lewis, the very person who we, in this city, gave the Liberty Medal to, we gave the Liberty Medal to celebrate the 200 years of the Constitution, we gave that to Colin Powell, we gave that to George Bush I, we gave it to Jimmy Carter, we gave it to Nelson Mandela, De Klerk, we gave it to a whole list of people. And we gave it to someone who is a patriot…If you’re President, look at the bigger picture. You recognize that that comes with the territory if your President of the United States.