PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As we prepare for the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump, some politicians are refusing to attend. Congressman Dwight Evans, who represents Pennsylvania’s 2nd district, is among them.

Trump Rips ‘All Talk,’ ‘No Action’ Civil Rights Icon Lewis

He told Eyewitness News why he made that decision. “The president-elect is attempting to take away healthcare from my constituents and I’m truly concerned about that,” Evans explained.

“Secondly, in terms of the Russian hacking, I think that should be taken serious and should be investigated by Democrats and Republicans alike.”

Evans also expressed his displeasure at the interaction between Trump and a colleague that Evans admires. “Last, but not least, his attack on Congressman John Lewis who is one of my heroes. John Lewis is all about action.”

Congressman Pat Meehan, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey and Delaware Senator Chris Coons are among the local politicians who will attend the inauguration.