By Mike DeNardo

by Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Phillies outfielder Roman Quinn spent his Martin Luther King Day at the Marian Anderson Rec Center at 17th and Fitzwater, teaching kids about baseball, and life.

It was the first time a big-leaguer had held a clinic at the new indoor Ryan Howard Training Center, and the significance of the day wasn’t lost on Phils outfielder Roman Quinn.

“It actually means a lot. It’s the first time ever in my life that I did something like this on Martin Luther King Day, It’s a special day for me,” he said.

Quinn led members of the Phillies MLB Urban Youth Academy through hitting and fielding drills.

“I was, like, going crazy because I actually got to to talk to a professional baseball player,” said 10-year-old Isaiah Bailey.

Bailey says in the batting cage, Quinn taught him to stride toward the pitcher.

“To, like, step forward, because I’m used to stepping out,” said Bailey.

And off the field, Quinn advises, “Just to have a dream and to follow it. Do whatever they can to make it happen.”

To that end, the Phillies announced a $25,000 scholarship to be used by Urban Youth Academy players to defray college costs, funded by local Chevrolet dealers.