By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Helping the homeless was a big part of MLK Day of Service throughout the region.

Chosen 300 Ministries was among the many area organizations giving back to those in need.

In their West Philadelphia location, a worship service to begin the evening. Sleeping bags, clothes and other gifts were given out, then a warm, hearty meal was served.

“A time to celebrate someone who has done so much for this country,” says Chosen 300 Executive Director Brian Jenkins

He calls this the perfect way to honor the life and legacy of Dr. King:

“He cared about the needs of the poor in particular and I think as a Day of Service, a lot of the volunteers that are coming here to serve because of the fact they want to give back to the community.”

That’s exactly why 18-year-old Fabiola chose to help out.

“Dr. Martin Luther King wanted all of us to be equal and help others out and be a brother and sister to others that aren’t even our relatives,” she says.

Marie Batchelor has been volunteering with Chosen 300 for years, but says doing so on MLK Day is extra special:

“Martin Luther King was about equality for everyone so for me to spend this evening in service to someone else, it’s just a testament to who he was and how we all should be sharing and giving back.”

Jenkins says the 40th and Lancaster spot also served up a slice of history:

“Back in 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King actually stood on this corner and spoke as part of the Freedom Tour and also the protest against Girard College.”

He hopes Day of Service leads to a full year of giving back.