PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A good Samaritan springs into action in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia as he shot a carjacking suspect on Wednesday.

Police say that was after the suspect caused a four-car crash, and tried to carjack two vehicles, including the good Samaritan’s.

CBS 3’s Greg Argos reports the incident started at the intersection of 63rd Street and Woodbine Avenue in Overbrook as police say the suspect blew through a red light.

“He T-bones her in the intersection,” Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker said.

Police say the 32-year-old suspect ditched his green Charger and started running northbound on 63rd Street where he tried to carjack the vehicle of the good Samaritan – a conceal and carry permit holder.

“He’s able to pull his car door closed and fight him off,” Walker explained. “The offender then starts running back southbound.”

Police say that’s when the suspect tried carjacking a SEPTA employee in an orange truck.

“He just came and pulled me out the truck,” the SEPTA driver said.

“The offender then opens the door of the SEPTA vehicle,” Walker said. “Starts punching him, at which time the initial victim who he attempted to carjack gets out.”

CBS 3’s Greg Argos reports the good Samaritan sees the SEPTA driver being assaulted and gets out to help.

Police say that’s when the driver chased the suspect back toward the intersection where the four-car crash happened, as he yelled for someone to stop him. Two brothers in one of the crashed cars jumped in to help.

The suspect was still able to get up and that’s when the good Samaritan confronts the suspect directly and shoots him in the leg.

“There is a struggle between the two parties,” Walker said. “At one point, he tries to grab the gun from the permit guy and at that point the permit guy shoots him one time in the leg to stop his actions.”

A priest from a local church witnessed what happened.

“Then we hear some yelling up the street, and people saying, ‘Stop him. Hey! Come back. Get him. Don’t let him get away,'” Father Matthew Phelan said.

Police say the suspect did not have a record and was not armed.