By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In the Parrish Room of the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, a few seniors were getting a chance to dance.

The one hour program is called Anyone Can Dance and it uses adaptive choreography that can be done in a chair. It was created by Judith Sachs.

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Judith and the rest of the women in the class are members and volunteers of Penn’s Village. It is a group that treats aging like a team sport.

It provides neighbor to neighbor services and programs, like Tuesday’s dance class, to help seniors thrive, connect and engage in all that life has to offer.

“My husband is not well and I’m a caregiver which means I do get out to do things at times, but I need some joy in my life and I need some time and dancing sounds great,” said Joy Bannett.

Penn’s Village is working to reface the face of aging, doing things a little different and promoting the most important step for aging seniors. “A lot of it’s mental,” said Judith. “A lot of it has to do with deciding what’s right for you today; exploring what you want to do.”

Sandra Wilks has decided what she wants to do: “Just by having music is healing. Dancing is healing so I’m going to heal myself to 100 plus.”

Vittoria Woodill