By Tim Jimenez

CHERRY HILL, NJ. (CBS) — Whether it’s spending those gifts cards or returning and exchanging gifts you don’t want, the day after Christmas means a lot of people are out and about on post-holiday shopping sprees.

The Cherry Hill Mall opened at 8 a.m. Monday; certain retail stores even earlier, doors unlocked at 6. On the agenda for many: use those gift cards.

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The National Retail Federation estimates 22 percent of people who get gift cards will use them as soon as possible this year.

Also, there are plenty of post-Christmas returns to be made.

Landrus from Pennsauken was out and about around 7 a.m. When it came to a certain gift, he was a bit off. And so he hit the Target across the street from the mall early to get it right the second time.

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“My twin girls have bike helmets and they’re a little too small,” he said. “So I’ve got to get the right size so they can get on those bikes.”

Others like Heather were simply out looking to see if the price was right.

“[I have] a little bit of Christmas cash that I got from friends and family,” she said, “so [I’m] just looking for deals.”

Heather was out with her mother, Jeanine. Their tradition for the morning after the holiday is to knock a few things off the list for next year.

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“I get all my Christmas cards, my wrapping paper, that kind of stuff the day after because it’s cheaper,” Jeanine explained. “[I’ve] been doing it for years and it’s like 50 percent off so, why not?”