By Pat Loeb

CITY HALL (CBS) — Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s political committee will pay a two-thousand dollar fine to the city Ethics Board, for missing the deadline to report spending on his inauguration and transition.

Executive director Shane Creamer said the requirement that the committee, “Kenney for Philadelphia” report the expenditures to the Board was “triggered” because the committee made contributions to state General Assembly candidates, thus setting in motion other reporting rules.

“This is the first time we’ve had a case like this, involving a former candidate committee that should have filed a report in a non-election year due to inaugural and transition expenditures so it is a bit unusual.”

Creamer said that’s reflected in a relatively small fine. The report also notes “Kenney for Philadelphia” officials did call the Board and ask what it needed to file but misunderstood and, later, took corrective action on their own.

A committee spokesperson notes the committee itself reported the lapse to the Board.