By Cleve Bryan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Less than a month to go until Inauguration Day and Vice President Joe Biden is planning his next move. And it appears he may be leaving Washington for Philadelphia.

“That’d be incredible if he came.”

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You don’t have to say much more than the name of Joe Biden and faces light up on University of Pennsylvania’s campus.

“I feel like Penn students just in general really look up to him and see him as a relatable guy in politics,” said UPenn student, Ellen Kim.

And with Politico reporting that Biden may “set up shop” at Penn after leaving the vice presidency next month, students are buzzing.

“I think he’s a great person, very inspirational, it’s be really cool if he was on campus,” noted student, Michael Hernandez. “He’s a nice guy, definitely a fan.”

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Officially the university has no comment — but is it more than just a coincidence Biden’s picture is front and center on the Board of Trustees page on Penn’s website?

“Him choosing us is a great honor and I’m so excited so close and maybe even as a resource,” said student, Bradley Smith.

Biden’s late son, Beau Biden, the former Delaware Attorney General was a 1991 Penn graduate. And the vice president has made several notable stops in recent years, including 2013 to deliver the commencement speech and again this past January to launch his “Cancer Moonshot” initiative at the Abramson Cancer Center.

He was also present this past May for his granddaughter, Naomi’s graduation.

Affectionately known by many as “Uncle Joe,” students say he’d fit right in on campus as a regular fixture.

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“I think it’s just because he’s so charismatic, he’s great at connecting with people,” explained student, Zack Varrato. “Even if you don’t agree with the political, I think a lot of people are really about to feel a connection when they talk to him.”