PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Foreign policy analyst Ed Turzanski reacted to the assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov in Ankara, Turkey by telling Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be sure to extract revenge for such a bold and public act  .

“Mr. Putin is going to pay back the people he thinks responsible tenfold. That is the way Vladimir goes. He doesn’t play with these things.”

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Turzanski, the John Templeton Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, also expects Russia to ratchet up their military operations in Syria after the gunman who killed their envoy screamed, ‘do not forget Syria,’ immediately after the shooting.

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“What’s going to happen is the Russians are going to become much more brutal in Syria than they have been up until this point. So, they’ll just continue to murder more of their opponents and they’re unrestrained. As you see by the crisis of children in orphanages trying to hide from the bombing that’s going on by the hand of Assad and his Russian supporters, they’re going to double down on that.”

He added that, despite growing tensions with the Russians in the aftermath of the presidential election that continues to include allegations they attempted to aide in Donald Trump’s victory, the US may want to consider a limited strategic allegiance to confront ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

“As bad as a guy as Putin, and he is every bit as bad, you do have common cause with him in one respect. You look at ISIS, you see that these are unrepentant murderers and he says, I got an idea, why don’t we kill these bastards and prevent them from killing our people? Everything else that separates us, we’ll talk about after the fact.”


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