By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — From the 1949 musical “Neptune’s Daughter,” to a 21st Century holiday classic, most of us can sing along to “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

Who hasn’t heard the lyrics? “I really can’t stay…Baby it’s cold outside. I’ve got to get away…Baby it’s cold outside.”

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But, have you ever really listened to the lyrics?

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Musicians Josiah Lemanski and Lydia Liza have created quite the buzz after claiming the popular tune could reinforce rape culture. At issue are lines like “Baby don’t hold out,” and “Say, what’s in this drink?…No cabs to be had out there.”

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“Ah, that’s a little weird. What’s in her drink,” said one person we spoke to. “Now that I’m older, it’s a little creepy,” another person said.

That is why the Minnesota based couple decided to update the original from 1944 to sound more consensual like “I ought to say no no no…You reserve the right to say no.”

Click here to watch their remake of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

And while their rendition has been applauded by some, others are in favor of the original. “I understand women’s issues, but I think they’re overreacting to this particular one,” one woman told Eyewitness News.

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“I think it’s a classic song and people can be a little too offended sometimes,” another person said.