By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Delaware Valley could really use a good soaking. Since January 1, Philadelphia has fallen short of its average rainfall by nearly 7 inches. Much of the region is under a moderate to severe drought.

We’ll finally see that much needed drenching Tuesday through Wednesday as a moisture-rich, potent storm sends rounds of rain regionwide.

Here are the bullet points:

1. Timing
The rain will come through in separated chunks. Expect to need an umbrella anytime Tuesday, and primarily into the PM hours of Wednesday. We’ll likely have a lull in the heaviest rain from late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

2. Rainfall Totals
Over the general span of this 48-hour event, we’re expecting upwards of 1-2″ of rain in total. Worth a mention, some of that rain may come in the form of a locally strong storm, specifically Wednesday.

3. Travel Impacts
Given the long window for the rain to fall, I don’t foresee any major flooding. However, you’ll encounter ponding and potential for minor flooding in poor drainage areas. Expect the commute to be slow anytime Tuesday, and the PM drive Wednesday.

4. Any Snow??
A big fat NO! The warmth that accompanies this midweek mess means it’s simply too warm for any snow – or ice for that matter! – even in the mountains. In fact, temperatures in the city will climb to the mid-60’s with ease both Tuesday and Wednesday!

Let’s look at it as a glass half-full situation. Hey, at least it didn’t come during the holiday (and it won’t impact the Eagles game!)
But, you will need to finally dust off the rain gear.

Stay dry, folks!