By Andrew Kramer

by Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The long Thanksgiving weekend ended with many hours of traveling for thousands of people Sunday night.

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It’s back to New York for Julie Fein after a weekend with family in the suburbs, and back to the grind.

“I was off all week so it’ll be back to reality. I think it’ll be a little rough getting back from the holidays and all that,” she said.

But as for getting around on one of the busiest travel day of the year:

“Not too bad. There was a lot if backup on the ramp coming off the expressway that was about it,” said Fein.

It was a different story for John Daily.

“Nightmare. Abolsute nightmare,” he said.

He’s also returning to New York after four days in Gladwyne.

“It was a long trip to get here, now I’m waiting for my train to come up,” said Daily.

But he says this beats the alternative:

“I’d rather take the train and avoid there Jersey Turnpike. That’s a bigger nightmare waiting for me if I were to take the bus,” he said.

His only regret? Not being able to spend a little more time here to catch the Eagles Monday night game.

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Meanwhile, Huntley Hughes has many stops to make before he’s finally home.

“I went from Lewisberg in Pennsylvania to Harrisburg to Philly and now I’m on my way back to Raleigh,” he said.

But he says luckily, no hurdles along the way.

“No it’s been alright. The train was definetly full. More full than it was on the way down, but it was never an inconvience at all,” Hughes said.

Many wait to start their journey home after Thanksgiving. (Credit: Andrew Kramer)

Many wait to start their journey home after Thanksgiving. (Credit: Andrew Kramer)

Elana Childers also has a busy itinerary

“I am stopping here from Pittsburgh on my way to New York,” she said.

Although she didn’t seem to be enjoying her travels as much.

“It’s exhausting and it feels like it takes a million years,” Childers said.

And adding insult to injury:

“It’s going to be impossible to just go back to work, and I know I have so much work because then it’s the Christmas holiday, and I know I’m going to have to travel again,” she explained.

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At least she’s getting good practice.