HARRISBURG (CBS) — Pennsylvania Attorney General Bruce Beemer has made it clear: he does not believe the money for a controversial investigation of offensive emails, the results of which were released this past week, was well spent.

The investigation was commissioned by Attorney General Bruce Beemer’s predecessor, Kathleen Kane. Beemer says a big problem is that the probe’s methodology is flawed… that the search of emails was overly inclusive, flagging as inappropriate many emails that clearly were not. For that and other reasons, Beemer says he believes commissioning a probe done in this form and manner was not a good idea. And he believes the nearly $400,000 spent on the investigation so far is a ‘poor use’ of taxpayer dollars.

“There was a way, I think to deal with it. Umm… this wasn’t it. That’s all I know.”

Because of the flaws he cited, Beemer released the email report without naming names. His ultimate conclusion is that the report does not provide evidence of communications that undermined justice in Pennsylvania.