By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For many, Thanksgiving week is also the time to feast on holiday shopping deals. And Google is keeping track of what we want.

This year’s top toys have roots in Christmas gifts of yore, says Google’s Daniel Sieberg.

“If we look at Philadelphia in particular, we’ve seen interest in the Nintendo Entertainment System,” Sieberg said. “This is an update on the old-school version — and Hess trucks.”

The NES Classic Edition, along with Hatchimals — #3 on Philly’s toy search list — have been sold out just about everywhere.

Gift Googlers in our area are enamored with kicks like the Nike Air Jordan 12 and Adidas NMD.

Sieberg says shopping in stores can be less of a chore with a new Google tool: a real-time look at how packed the places are.

“We’ve updated the ability to see how busy a location is by providing real-time data,” he explained. “So if you search for a local retailer and you want to get a sense of how busy it is, we’ll show you based on location data — all anonymized aggregated information — how that compares to historical data we have.”

Move over iPhone and Galaxy. The smartphone we’re salivating over — according to the list — is Motorola’s Moto Z, which is newly Daydream Virtual Reality-ready.