By Mike DeNardo

by Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A state committee got a look at the stark differences among Pennsylvania school buildings on Monday.

Members of the PlanCon Advisory Committee first toured Upper Dublin’s four-year-old $119 million high school, which has a separate air handling system for chlorine odors from its swimming pool.

Then they walked through 92-year-old Overbrook High, which often has one electrical outlet per classroom.

“I think the members are seeing the dual reality that exists for all of our children,” said Democratic Senator Vincent Hughes.

At a hearing following the tour, Republican State Representative William Adolph asked the Philadelphia School District about moving students into larger high schools.

“What is the thinking going on in the school district regarding consolidation?” asked Adolph.

A district official pointed out the district closed 28 school buildings three years ago.

The committee’s job is to recommend ways to improve PlanCon: the state system of reimbursing districts for school construction.